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Church Records


At first, you might find Swedish research at times can be confusing. However, it is more often comprehensible, fun and very rewarding . In many respects you are very fortunate to be able to work with Swedish sources. This is because:

1. Swedish historical records are of very good quality and has been very well kept. Very few are destroyed by fire, water, or neglect. In almost every parish you will find good population records beginning around 1700.

2. You can do research on the Internet. Church records are now being made available as highquality digital pictures by three major players. Getting a subscription and you will have access to all the most important sources from all parts of Sweden.

3. Swedish archives are well maintained and you can get good assistance from the archivists. The most important church and parish records are:

  • Birth and Baptism books
  • Marriage records
  • Death and Funeral books
  • Household examination rolls/clerical survey records
  • Moving-in and moving-out records