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Senast inlagda annonser

2016-07-28 | SäljesLampa och förstoringsobjektiv till läsapparat AGFA COPEX LD75D
Halogenlampa 13,8 V 50 W SPECIAL till läsapparat AGFA COPEX LD75D. Lampan är hel och oanvänd. 150 SEK. Förstoringsobjektiv 42x, 48x och 72x. 100 SEK/st.
Kontakt: Rolf Nordin
Telefon: 070-696 06 35
2016-07-28 | SäljesLäsapparat AGFA COPEX LD75D (Nedsatt pris!)
Läsapparat AGFA COPEX LD75D för microfiche (SVAR-kort). Förstoringsobjektiv 24X och 72X. Fungerande lampa. Sparsamt använd, i nyskick. Pris 900 SEK. Hämtas mot kontant betalning i Stockholm/Hässelby.
Kontakt: Rolf Nordin
Telefon: 070-696 06 35
2014-06-12 | Marketplace for genealogists (in English)If your family comes from Sweden - I can find your roots!
My name is Lars Hallberg. I do genealogical research at SwedeRoots. SwedeRoots has found the Swedish ancestors of many American families.SwedeRoots has connected newfound relatives with each other. SwedeRoots has more than 30 years experience of genealogical research and many satisfied customers. If you want to find your Swedish ancestors, don´t be afraid to ask. It´s free. I will examine the information you have to see if it is enough to start a research. If so, I will come back to you with an estimated cost for different alternatives. For more information visit Or contact
Kontakt: Lars Hallberg, SwedeRoots
2014-06-12 | Marketplace for genealogists (in English)Service for sale
The Genealogical Society of Sweden, founded in 1933, offers Genealogical Research Services. We will help you finding your Swedish roots, your Swedish ancestry and of course, if you wish, any living relatives in Sweden. We have access to all Swedish genealogical resources, which are not available online or outside of Sweden, as well as digital archives, old research results and much, much more. We offer a wide range of services from full ancestral trees to just specific information regarding your immigrant (who he/she was, where they came from, where they lived etc). You are very welcome with your request to
Kontakt: The Genealogical Society of Sweden
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