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Contact information

The Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies

Visitor address: Anderstorpsvägen 16, Solna (subway: Huvudsta).

Postal address: Anderstorpsvägen 16, SE-171 54 Solna, Sweden.

Telephone: +468-440 75 50.



The Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies



The Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies is the national organization for genealogists. More than 165 regional and local societies are members of the Federation. The Federation has more than 75.000 individuals as members through its member organizations. Together the Federation and the member societies organize hundreds of events all over the country – the most important ones are listed in the Calendar of Events (Kalendariet).

The Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies, founded in 1986, is the axis of the genealogical movement in Sweden. The Federation has a busy agenda of actions to further the interests of the members and also to enhance the understanding of genealogy as a cultural factor, popular movement and a historic science. Up to the beginning of 2012 more than 165 (with a membership of more than 75.000) genealogical societies in Sweden have joined the Federation.

The most important goals of the Federation are:

  • to guard the interests of the genealogists, especially regarding actions from the government, archival and library authorities, both general and local
  • to support and to supply information to the member societies
  • to further genealogical education
  • to ensure the publication of high quality genealogical literature
  • to encourage the development of technical devices and other means, important to genealogy
  • to keep in touch with and cooperate with other equivalent organizations in the country and with foreign genealogical organizations.

The Federation publishes a journal, Släkthistoriskt Forum (Genealogical Forum) 5/year and a Yearbook with genealogical essays (not included in the subscription fee), all in Swedish.

The Federation also sells its own publications, in particular CDs, as well as books of genealogical interest, family and ancestral group forms etc, mostly by the online bookshop. Visit the online bookshop at

The office staff are happy to give advice where needed, supply addresses to societies, archives etc. Queries which cannot be answered directly will be referred to a relevant source.

Requests for help to trace ancestors may be transferred to a reputable genealogist (who will of course contact the person concerned before starting on any research).

A subscription to the publications is 210 SEK (2012), for foreign addresses in Europe 360 SEK and for foreign addresses outside Europe 460 SEK. A subscription can be ordered in our bookshop.

Feel free to contact us:

The office in Stockholm:
Address: Anderstorpsvägen 16, Solna (subway: Huvudsta).
Postal address: Anderstorpsvägen 16, SE-171 54 Solna, Sweden.
Telephone: +468-440 75 50.


Marketplace for genealogists

Service for sale

The Genealogical Society of Sweden, founded in 1933, offers Genealogical Research Services.

We will help you finding your Swedish roots, your Swedish ancestry and of course, if you wish, any living relatives in Sweden. We have access to all Swedish genealogical resources, which are not available online or outside of Sweden, as well as digital archives, old research results and much, much more. We offer a wide range of services from full ancestral trees to just specific information regarding your immigrant (who he/she was, where they came from, where they lived etc).

You are very welcome with your request to

Do you need help finding a missing relative, a adopted sister or brother? Or perhaps you want to find out where your grandmother or grandfather originated from?
For a small cost I can help you with that! I have long experience and good references.

Call me for more information.
Contact: Marie Nilsson Risängsvägen 20, 51158 Kinna.
Phone.+46 (0)320 211164

Parish Search Background

Since a few years back there is quite an intense debate on how geneaologists best describe where a parish is situated. Some have suggested the counties (and county letters), others the old provinces. The drastic changes that has taken place the last few years (especially with the creation of Västra Götalands län) has made more people plead for the stable and in the general knowledge well-known provinces. Parish-Search is a good aid for every one who wants to use the provinces, since the province belonging of different parishes hardly ever are stated in other similar lists.

Parish-Search consists of presently existing parishes and the ones that has ceased to be during the period of church registers, since the middle of the 17th century. Of the ones that are no longer existing the following have not been included: Church register districts that have changed over to now fully existing parishes or non territorial parishes such as military parishes or foreign congregations. Parishes with names that very clearly show their geographical origin might have been left out, such as certain countryside parishes. The crosses show what year they ceased to exist.

For more detailed information about the different parishes, see the list from The Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) from 2006 here.


The first and most important is the database CD-Emigrant


cd emiThere are a large number of very useful CD/DVD-records to help you find the way into the Swedish church records. Swedish emigration 1869-1950 based on passenger lists which comprises the names of approximately 1.4 million emigrants, embarking from the major Swedish ports Göteborg 1869-1950, Malmö 1874-1950, Stockholm 1869-1950, Norrköping 1859-1919, Helsingborg 1899-1930 and Kalmar 1880-1893.

The register includes information on name, relationship, occupation/title (only available for 20%), age at the time of emigration, birthplace or place of residence, county, destination, date of emigration, volume indicator for the police chamber archive, and number of the emigration contract. When relationship is not explicitly indicated, persons with the same number of the emigration contract is denoted as travelling companions.

Buy the cd at our Bookshop now


Swedish census 1880-1990 - total of six different CDs

Three separate CDs containing all persons who were registered in Sweden in the end of 1880 (4,6 million people), 1890 (4,8 million people) and 1900 (5,2 million people). The databases contain computerized transcripts of household examination rolls, prepared by the parish vicar or clerk and sent to the government agency SCB (Statistics Sweden).

The CD-records includes information on name, birth year, birth parish and place of residence (county, parish and village/city) relationship to others in the same household and occupation and sometimes, notes about health or legal status.

Three separate CDs containing all persons who were registered in Sweden in the end of 1970 (8 million people), 1980 (8,3 million people) and 1990 (8,6 million people). The full details are name, residential address, date of birth and birth parish (both including county).

cd skivor

The Swedish Death Index 1901-2009


sw death indexThe Swedish Death Index 1901-2009 on DVD is the 5thedition and is supplemented with 2.5 million deaths for the period 1901 to 1946, all registered by volunteer workers in the project "naming the dead". This means that approximately 70% of all deaths for those years are included.

From 1947 and onwards, additional 272 000 deaths have been registered since the last edition of the Swedish Death Index.

Overall, this DVD contains 7 880 000 lines of which there may be occasional records from 1895 to 1901.

Buy the dvd at our Bookshop now

For other useful CD/DVDs, please look at The Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies online Bookshop!




Senaste nytt

2014-12-19 10:55
Är det självaste jultomten som tagit sig till fotografen med sin ren...eller förlåt, get? Nej, mannen på bilden är Karl Ludvig THEODOR Aspelin (f. 1829-04-17 d. 1918-10-26) som här poserar med sin get. Bilden är uppladdad i Porträttfynd av...
2014-12-17 17:03
I år har släktforskarföretaget ArkivDigital för andra gången i rad utsetts till "Gasellföretag" av tidningen Dagens industri. Utmärkelsen går till företag som uppfyller Dagens industris kriterier för att vara ett snabbväxande...
2014-12-16 09:54
Den som intresserar sig för Johan Bures märkliga värld kan numera inte bara glädjas åt att hans släktbok från 1600-talet finns att köpa på dvd – det har även nyligen kommit ut en historiebok om honom. Historikern Håkan Håkanssons "Vid...
2014-12-12 11:55
Snart är det som bekant jul och för att vara säker på att din beställning i Rötterbokhandeln ska komma fram innan helgdagarna är den sista beställningsdagen måndagen 15 december. Sveriges Släktforskarförbunds kansli och Rötterbokhandeln håller...
2014-12-08 18:01
Det blir en ny säsong av det populära radioprogrammet Släktband. Det kommer det att sändas måndagar i Sveriges Radio P1 klockan 10.30. Precis som i tidigare säsonger leder Gunilla Nordlund och Elisabeth Renström programmet och som vanligt...
2014-12-03 16:31
Många är vi som ser fram emot nya, spännande inlägg på Rötterbloggen. De numera sju rötterbloggarna delar på sju dagar i veckan vilket innebär att vi får ta del av ett nytt blogginlägg nästan varje dag. I dagens blogginlägg av Camilla Eriksson...
2014-12-02 16:55
I Sveriges Släktforskarförbunds nyhetsbrev Angeläget 2/2014 kan du bland annat läsa mer om projektet Namn åt de döda (NÅDD), som har resulterat i de senare versionerna av Sveriges dödbok. Det har nämligen beslutats att projektet ska fortsätta...
2014-12-01 17:56
Radiotips! Sveriges Radio P1:s program Tendens har just startat en temaserie om hur vi bevarar vår egen historia för framtiden. Vi dokumenterar vår historia, våra liv. Minnen i fotoalbum eller tusentals bilder och filmsnuttar på hårddiskar...
2014-12-01 16:28
På Riksarkivets webbplats står att läsa att en cd-skiva med Sveriges befolkning 1910 beräknas vara klar under första halvåret 2015. Registreringen av folkräkningen 1910 är inne i slutskedet. Men det återstår kvalitetssäkring av några...
2014-11-27 13:31
  Nu är det hög tid att börja planera julklappsinköpen! I Rötterbokhandelnhittar du klapparna till såväl den erfarne släktforskaren som nybörjaren.Beställ innan den 15 december för att vara säker på attdet du beställt kommer fram i god...
2014-11-28 16:47
Från och med i dag har Sveriges Släktforskarförbunds kansli och Rötterbokhandeln nya telefontider. Fem dagar i veckan De nya telefontiderna är 13-16 måndag till fredag. Tidigare var telefontiderna förlagda tisdag-torsdag kl. 10-12 och kl....
2014-11-26 16:40
Historikern och stadsvandraren med passion för 1700-talet, Christopher O'Regan, var en av föreläsarna under årets släktforskardagar i Karlstad. I lördags höll han ett föredrag i samband med att Helsingborgs släktforskare- och...
2014-11-24 11:54
I Uppsala Nya Tidning kan du läsa om de "stamböcker", från 1550-tal till tidigt 1900-tal där studenter samlat signaturer, citat, hälsningar och bilder från personer de träffat och som finns i Uppsala universitets samlingar. Att samla...
2014-11-21 18:11
Årets sista nummer av Släkthistoriskt Forum bjuder på en inblick i det folkliga nöjeslivet förr. Hur kan vi ta reda på mer om musiker, artister och skådespelare i släktträdet? Läs om teaterdirektörer med tvivelaktig talang, landets tidiga...
2014-11-19 16:50
Rötters Emigrantforum krävde extra omvårdnad i samband med flytten till den nya plattformen. Men den som väntar på något gott – nu finns Emigrantforum på plats i Faktabanken med ett nytt utseende och nya möjligheter. I Emigrantforum samlas...